Thursday, February 28, 2013

Home again!

We got home last Thursday after five weeks in the Bay Area and are happy to report that Emalia's scans showed continued tumor shrinkage. Also, the tumor marker number has continued to drop. HOORAY!!!! Emalia is continuing on the chemotherapy path right now and had chemo #11 yesterday. Took this photo then when Dorien Romanchak came by to visit!

Now that we're back, Emalia and JB could really use help in the dogwalking department. Also, having one or two meals a week "appear" would be a great help as well. If you want to help with either of these things, go to for the calendar and details. Becky Worley will be updating that site/calendar very soon so you'll be able to sign up then.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back to Maui soon missing photo!

Back to Maui soon!

Happy to report that all has gone well on this trip, and Emalia's tumor marker number has continued to drop! We return to Maui on Thursday, Feb. 21st, and Emalia will have chemo #11 soon thereafter. Doctors' orders are that she continue to prioritize REST, exercise, and diet! There have been many fun-filled moments on this trip, despite many medical appointments filling the calendar. Took this photo during such a time--of Emalia's cousin Christy Churchill, Emalia, and Kahalakea when lunching at Mill Valley's Dipsea Cafe.