Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hooray for Emalia!

Family photo op at the tip of Tiburon with Angel Island  and San Francisco in the background.
Emalia had chemo #10 today and is doing well. Her recent CT scan showed that her tumors have continued to shrink. Yesterday's meetings with Emalia's UCSF and Kaiser oncologists went well, and they told Emalia to keep doing whatever it is she's doing! The MDs are very pleased with how she is responding to the chemo and plan for her to complete 12 rounds. They also plan to present Emalia's case at their respective tumor boards later this month, and thereafter determine the course of future treatment.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back in the Bay Area!

View from Emalia's Chemo Chair at Kaiser San Francisco

Emalia has finished chemo #9 and all is going well with the help of Us Magazine. She continues the 5-day Neupogen injections after the chemo cycle and says that JB is the shot master!

The days have been beautiful but cold. Thursday we walked Mill Valley's Tennessee Valley trail to the Pacific.

Happy Campers at Muir Beach!

Emalia and Becky bundled up while the kids played in the sand and JB took a crazy-cold ocean swim with his cousin Jack Wolford. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Here are Emalia and Kahala riding out 2012, Emalia and her Maui chemo team, and Emalia and me this past Weds. when Emalia received chemo #8. 

Great news is that Emalia's most recent blood work once again showed that the cancer marker number has dropped. Also, the Neupogen injections worked so she was able to get chemo #8. She began another 5-day series today.

We're heading back to the Bay Area on January 14th for a month or so to check in with Emalia's medical team there.  We'll keep you posted!

with aloha,

Awesome Kaiser Chemo Crew A++

Chemo # 8