Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chemo #21

GREAT news is that Emalia's tumor marker number dropped again this week, and the numbers which reflect liver load are also down!

Now you know who to call, right?

 We had some wonderful times this past week preceeding her 21st chemo infusion (yesterday)!  As well as consulting with a naturopath on Oahu who gave us lots of valuable information, we enjoyed time with her grandmother, took Kahalakea to the Children's Discovery Museum, and along the way crossed paths with a couple of dear Honolulu friends.

Kahalakea and his awesome great-grandmother,
Virginia Lowrey Brown

      Kahalakea, Emalia, Nana, and Hayden
Emalia and her godfather, Eric Romanchak, the night before chemo at Nana's birthday dinner.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Dancing Queen rocks out at chemo #20 on July 3rd!

Last weekend Emalia hit a milestone:  she jogged for the first time since August and asks that you keep the good juju coming her way! Hooooray Emalia!!!!

She also sends a big mahalo again for all of your continued support in its many forms.  Walking Aito is such a big help, especially following chemo days.

JB, Emalia, and Kahalakea celebrated the 4th of July in Spreckelsville.