Thursday, August 29, 2013


For the 1st time in more than a year, Emalia joined Zadoc on a board!
Emalia, Kahala, and Hayden Brown
This is anniversary time--Emalia received her diagnosis a year ago, and our upcoming trip to SF is a sort of replay in that we will be meeting once again with the MDs she met with right after Labor Day, 2012. This past week Emalia had her 24th cycle of chemo and is really looking forward to a break while she is in California. We've finalized our trip plans, will be invading Becky and Jane's Oakland household, and will be back on Maui in mid-Sept. I will do my best to update this blog along the way but in the meantime hope you enjoy these pictures! They capture many of Emalia's recent good moments, when she hasn't been too taxed by the chemo.
at the Miracle Pool!

Two Emalia's!

Partners in crime for Girls' Night Out (last posting): Becky and Jorma Palmer (If Can Entertainment)

Becky and Jane at Hayden's 11th birthday party: a shave ice night at Tobi's (Fisher) Shave Ice in Paia
Emalia and her dad at #24

The honi monster loves his mama!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Round 23

The cumulative effects of chemo are starting to kick in--it takes Emalia longer to recover from her the infusions, and the nausea is worsening. However, Emalia feels her body is stronger and healthier as she has been able to start going to strengthening classes and cycling classes at the gym again. She describes a "split": her body's stronger, but the weight of the chemo is heavier. GOOD news is that the tumor marker number dropped again!

Becky Worley hosted a girls' night out just prior to this last treatment, great fun for all!

Theresa Gerry, Christy Churchill, Abbey Jokiel, Becky, Emalia, Dorien Romanchak, and Jess McLellan. Denby Freeland Cole and Christy joined Becky and Emalia for brunch the next morning.

We're preparing to return to the Bay Area for the first half of September to meet with Emalia's San Francisco medical team to see what the next phase of treatment will be.

Ryan and Christy Churchill on board with Emalia and JB at the MAC (Maui Arts and Culture Center) fundraiser last week.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Chemo #22

Very good news this week!  Emalia's numbers have continued to drop--much to our great joy!--and her liver felt better than ever to her oncologist!

Emalia and her dad, Zadoc, celebrating his birthday!

Em and Kahala

 Em deeply considering her favorite show- who will get the final rose???!!!