Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chemo #15

Family day at the beach Saturday morning (before Emalia's 3-hr nap!!!)
 Today was Emalia's 15th chemo day, and her MD added Avastin, a cancer-fighting medication about which we've heard many wonderful stories) to the mix. 

Although a pre-Easter moment, I thought you'd enjoy this happy photo!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Unleashing the FIRI!

Guess who was primed for the Easter bunny?

Emalia received a full dose of FOLFIRI today (up from 80% last week when it was introduced), and we're taking it day by day since this new regimen carries its own potential side effects. In all, today was chemo #14. She will continue to receive chemo every two weeks, blood count permitting.

Emalia's nausea and fatigue progress throughout the day so she naps as soon as Kahalakea goes to sleep and rests as much as possible in the afternoon. She is SO grateful for all of the dog-walking and meals you are giving them.  I can't really tell you what a HUGE help it is for them. A BIG MAHALO!

Brother and sister photo op this morning!

Christy Churchill saved the day by bringing Emalia an impressive array of magazines which offer at least some distraction from chemo!