Saturday, August 17, 2013

Round 23

The cumulative effects of chemo are starting to kick in--it takes Emalia longer to recover from her the infusions, and the nausea is worsening. However, Emalia feels her body is stronger and healthier as she has been able to start going to strengthening classes and cycling classes at the gym again. She describes a "split": her body's stronger, but the weight of the chemo is heavier. GOOD news is that the tumor marker number dropped again!

Becky Worley hosted a girls' night out just prior to this last treatment, great fun for all!

Theresa Gerry, Christy Churchill, Abbey Jokiel, Becky, Emalia, Dorien Romanchak, and Jess McLellan. Denby Freeland Cole and Christy joined Becky and Emalia for brunch the next morning.

We're preparing to return to the Bay Area for the first half of September to meet with Emalia's San Francisco medical team to see what the next phase of treatment will be.

Ryan and Christy Churchill on board with Emalia and JB at the MAC (Maui Arts and Culture Center) fundraiser last week.


  1. Go Emalia! Lots of cheering from Oregon.
    xxoo Madge

  2. Rock on Em! Lots of love and hugs from your Santa Barbara family,
    Billy, Lisa & Savanna

  3. Go Em!! Keep at it. Sending love and healing your way :)