Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back in the Bay Area!

View from Emalia's Chemo Chair at Kaiser San Francisco

Emalia has finished chemo #9 and all is going well with the help of Us Magazine. She continues the 5-day Neupogen injections after the chemo cycle and says that JB is the shot master!

The days have been beautiful but cold. Thursday we walked Mill Valley's Tennessee Valley trail to the Pacific.

Happy Campers at Muir Beach!

Emalia and Becky bundled up while the kids played in the sand and JB took a crazy-cold ocean swim with his cousin Jack Wolford. 

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  1. Em, you are in my thoughts and prayers. We have been through this twice with two family members. You have a lot to fight for and a great support system with a lot of love. I know you will beat this.

    If you are ever in or near Seattle and I can be of any help I am here for you.