Sunday, January 6, 2013


Here are Emalia and Kahala riding out 2012, Emalia and her Maui chemo team, and Emalia and me this past Weds. when Emalia received chemo #8. 

Great news is that Emalia's most recent blood work once again showed that the cancer marker number has dropped. Also, the Neupogen injections worked so she was able to get chemo #8. She began another 5-day series today.

We're heading back to the Bay Area on January 14th for a month or so to check in with Emalia's medical team there.  We'll keep you posted!

with aloha,

Awesome Kaiser Chemo Crew A++

Chemo # 8


  1. Charlene BoroumandJanuary 7, 2013 at 10:36 AM

    Hi Brooke and family! We hope to see you when you are back in the Bay Area! We are thinking of you and sending good karma to you. Keep maintaining positive thoughts and good diet choices. We miss you.

  2. Emalia - You look amazing! Glad to read the good news that you made it through chemo #8 and your numbers are doing so good. I'm sure it was frustrating to have to skip last week.

    I think you will have to write a book called, "How to kick cancer's butt while looking like a super model!"

    Sending love and kisses,
    Eric & Theresa

    1. T- love the book title- Classic and True!

  3. So Good to read the good news, and wonderful to see the amazing pics! Keep up the good work, you are so very inspiring. Lots of Love! trez

  4. Beautiful Emalia,

    So much time has passed since I saw you and you look more radiant than ever. Sending you love and positive healing energy.



  5. Aloha e Emalia, JB, a me Kahalakea. Aloha nui ia oukou me Ka wai ola o Na Wai Eha. E mana'o iho nei I ko oukou Mauliola...

    Ke aloha nui me Ka waihu'ihu'i o Na Molokama,
    Paki, Mehana, Piko, Na'e, & Ana...

  6. I second that book!! Perfect title! Sending so much love and light. You are amazing Em!!
    Keep rocking it sistah!!
    xoxo Sam