Friday, November 30, 2012

From Beck- Em's New Normal

It was bittersweet to have the Guard/Brown crew head home. We’ll miss them, but it’s such a relief to see Em feeling better and ready to be back on Maui.

I’m writing this not as blog facilitator, but as a friend who’s watched Em go through this whole deal. 

The events have been shocking and fast and scary. So what  can I tell you about Em's cancer, and about where she is right now?

First- nobody can predict the future, not even the crazy-smart oncologists we saw in San Francisco. But what we know is that Em is getting the best medical care possible. She’s got a solid mix of traditional and alternative therapies in the works. And most importantly, she is feeling much, much better. This is a day-by-day fight.

Next- if you’re wondering how Em is doing in all this, I can tell you she is rock solid. Em has shown such incredible mental toughness, she is up for the fight, and she knows it’s going to be a marathon. As she and JB settle back in to a routine at home: one week chemo, the next week rebuilding her strength, they will have to figure out the new normal. And that’s a work in progress.   

How can we help- what Em craves from all of us is normalcy. This isn’t a state of denial around her cancer, but more that she doesn’t need to relive it all the time. And no need to worry that she’s housebound; you’ll see her at the gym, the beach, & yep, Costco!

So many of you stopped by, helped with yard work & watched Kahala. All of you, even by checking her blog, have let Em know how much you care. She says over and over how blown away she is by the outreach and kokua from so many people.

Thank you all, and I know Em, JB and Brooke will be updating the blog more in the coming weeks.



  1. Thanks Beck for helping keep Em's extended ohana up to date. In addition to chatting with her dad we also follow the blog.
    Warmest aloha,
    Debbie and Barc Johnson

  2. Mahalo for all you do, Becky! Thanks also for helping keep extended friends and family in the loop. We are with you all in this fight - in heart and mind!

  3. Wow, I'm blown away with this fabulously written and informative Blog! Thank you so much, as it helps us to feel connected and ready to assist in any way that we can. I also love the info on the healthy diet. Love to Emalia and JB!

  4. Mahalo for writing Becky. Great to hear how Em is doing- and it sounds like she is kicking this cancer's okole! Keep it up!
    Much Aloha to you all.