Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chemo #17

Here are Emalia, JB, and Kahalakea enjoying the beauty of Kuau, including the turtles and possibly a seal, after Emalia's chemo pump was detached. (On Weds. of a chemo week Emalia spends several hours in the chair getting her IV drip and then wears a portable pump for 48 hours to complete the chemo infusion.)

A couple of months ago when Emalia was receiving FOLFOX, her tumor marker number began to rise, indicating resistance to that chemo. The doctors switched her to FOLFIRI, and this week we were very excited to learn that the number has turned around and dropped. Knock on wood

May this trajectory continue in HUGE increments all the way to normal! 


  1. Amen to that! We are all hoping for the very same outcome! Warmest aloha, Barc and Debbie

  2. Right on! This is great news. No wonder you were smiling so big when I saw you yesterday, Em.

    Wait a minute -- you are pretty much always smiling when I see you. Wow.

    Totally your #1 fan,

  3. Love to the whole family. Thinking of you all daily. Josh DeSilva