Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bay Area visit

We're staying with Becky, Jane, and their twins in Oakland while we scurry around the Bay Area for lots of medical consults. We've also squeezed in some play time as you can see from these pictures.
Fyfe Kellermyer joined us from Boulder for a few days to see Emalia and help with Kahalakea
Lunch at the Woodside Bakery

Fyfe and Emalia at Ghiradelli Square

Our Emalia!!!!!

Working out at the Discovery Museum in Sausalito

Stanford Medical Center


  1. Love the pictures! Thank you for the updates. Sending aloha and healing everyday :)

  2. Look at that smile! You look so good, Em! Sounds like it was a productive trip. Thanks so much for the update and great photos!

  3. You look so beautiful Em. Lot's of love.