Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving week

Waiting at Stanford Clinic
University Ave, Palo Alto

After a very difficult recovery from the chemo embolization--actually, Emalia is still recovering--she has been able to get out and about in short doses.

Priorities this past week included: meeting with George Fisher, MD, at Stanford, dinner with Stew and Maryann Kawakami to celebrate JB's birthday, Kahalakea's haircut, a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner with the Kirkham family (our most gracious hosts), and Christmas tree cutting with Jessica and Dylan Casey.

Double shaka for Mama!!!!!

We are hoping to meet with an MD in San Francisco this coming week and then return to Maui shortly thereafter.  Emalia has had a really rough time these past several weeks and is so looking forward to being home again.


  1. I think of you Em every day. I am so grateful for the pictures and information.
    Sending you love and strength. You are amazing.

  2. Love the pictures and the updates. Sounds like it has been a rough couple weeks, and yet you always find the smile Em. Keep at it. Sending so much aloha everyday to you and the Ohana.