Sunday, October 7, 2012

side effect: Hayd-stache


  1. Hey Em!

    I think you went in for another round yesterday. I am praying for you! You gotta get better so we can paddle Mix 40 together. It is the funnest race because it is only 1/2 mile and the boys do all the work. Especially if George is stroking - we can just cruise in the back together and collect our gold medals. I think JB is 40 now too, right? Hanalei 2013 - here we come!

    Love you, girl. Be strong, day by day.

  2. Your arms are still nice and cut EM !!!! Your such a stud......or shall I say, stud-ash !! XXOO
    Love You
    Margielani and Cory-bob

  3. Aloha Ema Not a day goes by that the Higgins Ohana isn't thinking about you. Wish we were closer so we could see you and all your family and also be of some help. But just know we are with you in spirit and are looking forward to a Keawaiki reuion SOON! In the meantime let us know if we can do anything "long distance." Take care and lots of love Aunty MH

  4. I do believe I see a family resemblance.....
    We're holding you close....everyday....
    Much love,
    Doreen and Craig

  5. This had to go in your grandmother's picture book--It's classic!!
    Much love and thinking of you as you all head to San Francisco.
    Mumsie and CBQ