Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chemo Elua

Emalia has just finished up round-2 of chemo. It went much better than the first time. In part because she went in to the clinic in a better state.
The past few days her nausea has really calmed down. It's not 100% better, but something has gotten more manageable. She's been up around the house a little, more active with Kahala, and even going for a swim with JB and her mom a few times to try and bump up her energy.
Typically chemo takes it out of people, and we expect the next few days to be a big rest period for Em.
Hawaiian Canoe Club women competed in the Molokai Channel race last weekend. 8-10 foot sets as the boats tried to get out of the harbor on Molokai. Despite the intimidating start "Team Emalia" got through and ended up 7th out of 71 boats. Best finish ever for HCC! I love the analogy.
photo credits Theresa Gerry & Keone Ball


  1. TeamEmalia cresting those huge waves and going onto their best finish ever in Na Wahine o Ke Kai! As Becky says, it's a wonderful parallel to our own TeamEmalia story. You're going onto your best, most healthy outcome, too, Em--we can all see it!

  2. Emalia - The Williams family truly sends prayers and best wishes from San Diego. Stay tough - you were always stubborn!! :-)) Kick ASS!!!

    Aloha - Dave

  3. Love the analogy and the pics of that epic canoe race. Keep it up Emalia! Thinking of you daily and knowing that you will beat this. You got this Lady!

  4. Emalia and JB,

    I was stunned to hear your news when we were home on Maui at the end of August and just now saw this blog. Although I haven't seen you much over the past 20 years you have been in my thoughts often over the past month. It is great to read here that the second round of chemo has gone better. That is a step in the right direction. I am confident you can beat this. Stay positive and keep looking forward. Imua!

    I know there is not much we tangibly can do for you from Oregon, but you are in my families thoughts and we will continue to send all of our love and aloha your way.

    Much love - Dan Pyle and family

  5. Hey Em! I've been checking the blog and facebook. What a powerful "conspiracy of love" you have behind you! Just wanted you to know that I'm sending you lots of healing thoughts and energy from the Big Island and that I think you are AMAZING! Love, Bonnie Blair

  6. Hi Em, glad I saw the blog address on Facebook. It's inspiring to see the support you have. Hope you are fairing chemo alright. If there's anything I can do from the mainland let me know. I'm sure you are overwhelmed, but it seems like you have more than a village behind you. Hope to see you when I'm out there next. Keep swimming in the pool. Ange says you've been going over there which is great. Keep shining!! Thinking of you, xo Celie

  7. Emalia,

    I keep hearing from everyone what a total rock star you are! Great attitude + great outlook. I am not surprised. You have always been a fun, cool & tough chica. I am thinking about you every day! Now that padding is pau I signed up for a dinner shift and maybe house help. Kinda scared to take Aito though - I am better with people than animals. See you soon!

    Love you,

  8. Em and all ~ from altitude to Attitude, keep it up .
    Love and continued support~
    Open plane ticket to see you all next month?
    I'll be your wingman~