Saturday, September 8, 2012

SFO-OGG Saturday Morning 9-8-12

Dropped the crew at the airport and they are headed back to Maui. Em seems rested, and she has worked hard to figure out the right combo to get her pain and nausea under control.

Chemo begins Wednesday and while there are lots of unknowns about the side-effects, Em is just glad to start attacking the tumors in her liver ASAP.

So many of you have volunteered to help, and you will be receiving emails from me in the very near future. For now they are all set with food, house-help and support.

Once we get a sense of how the chemo affects Em's energy and daily function, we'll set systems in place to tap into the kokua so many of you have offered.

From our standpoint the twins will miss having Kahala as a willing audience for their antics, stroller laps, and (as the picture infers) their Flamenco dancing.


  1. Sending healing light and love from the mountains of Colorado to the sea shores of Maui...
    De De Brinkman

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated. Lots of love and prayers from the Botthollands in Haiku.
    - Sarah Bott '80

  3. Aloha Em from the BI Higgins Ohana including Uncle Hig, Aunty MH, Keem, Mindy, Koa and one of your many namesakes Emalia. I'll include the Katoa gang as well although you have probably heard from Kath already ... we are all "on board" and with you 100%. Take care, lots of love and Geev um!!!

  4. Yeah Em! You go get um! You take care of yourself, and let us take care of the prayers. We know you will kick butt!
    Let us know if you need anything at all. Not sure if there's any way we can help over here on the Big Island, but you know we're always good for a back-up "Aloha-One" ride, or some random Reiplinger quotes.

    "Dis sucka's loaded: Tinted engine! Power floors! Steam vents!"

    We love you, Mama. -Keem