Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update September 20th - How you can help

Em has one week of chemo under her belt and there have been some up days and some rough days. Her spirits are good though, and she's focused on the fight.

She loved the "Team Emalia" canoes racing the Pailolo Challenge- thank you HCC!

So many of you have asked how you can help. We wanted to have an organized plan before we got back to you with specific requests. We are using a sight called Lotsa Helping hands to manage sign-ups. You'll have to register, but it only mandates an email address.

We are hoping for small healthy meals about 3 nights a week.
We're using a web service called Lotsa Helping hands so you can become a member of Em's support team and then sign up for a date to deliver a meal.

Yard Work Party 
Jordan Jokiel has volunteered to coordinate this one, so you can sign up here and he will contact you with specific times and dates to see who's available.

Special Care and Financial Kokua

Em loves massages and they are one of the things that make her feel good right now, so if you'd like to chip in toward a massage, hiring a house cleaner, or the cost of flights to the mainland when they go for treatment, you can donate by clicking the button above. This will allow you to use a credit card or PayPal account. Please contact me directly if you prefer to send a check.

Walk Aito 

Aito is a big black lab with a heart of gold. He loves to go for runs in the cane fields or to the park at Ku'au Bayview. His ability to be on leash is not so great, but he's fabulous off leash in a non- car area with his shock collar. Any time of day is fine for his walks.
So if you know Aito or feel comfortable controlling a dog on a shock-collar, it would be great to get him out for a jaunt when JB is working a 24 hour shift or when Em has chemo days.
Sign up here.

Thank you all for your love and good thoughts. Visualize Shrinkage!

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