Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chemo #12

Yesterday was chemo #12, and in the next two weeks Emalia and her MDs will decide what the next step in her treatment will be. A likely possibility will be to go on "chemo lite," which would continue to be chemo every two weeks but without the particular chemo agent most likely responsible for Emalia's increasing neuropathy in her feet.

Took the above photos of Emalia, Kahalakea, and Aito yesterday afternoon when we got home from Kaiser JB was working), and the photos below last weekend.  That would be Emalia's brother, Zadoc, and his youngest child, Declan; and Kahalakea, holding onto JB!!!!  


  1. So happy to have you home on Maui, Em! "Chemo-lite" should be really great after all you've done the past few months. I just googled neuropathy and it sounds yucky. Hopefully that will let up with this next round.

    Love & hugs,
    Eric & Theresa