Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chemo #13

Yesterday Emalia had a haircut, and we're hoping
she can enjoy her new look for awhile and
not lose anymore hair!

Emalia began FOLFIRI today since she had become resistant to the FOLFOX, something that is expected after one has been on it for awhile.  All went well during this initial session, and we're hoping this new protocol does a great job in continuing to shrink the tumors.

Granted, I am totally biased, but I want to say how absolutely amazing and inspiring Emalia is to me. This treatment road has been very rough and bumpy, and Emalia has had many moments when a lesser being would curl up and not want to move. But, our graceful warrior stands tall and meets each challenge.

Becky Worley met Emalia's Maui medical team in person today--she has been an integral part of facilitating communication and appointments for Emalia since the get-go.


  1. Love your sassy new look! You are gorgeous! It gets annoying, really... :)

  2. This picture of Em and Becky makes me very, very happy. Big, beautiful smiles. Em, you are a picture of strength and grace -- keep kicking a$$! xoxo
    Laura Daily Strickland