Sunday, January 5, 2014

Latest CT Scan

Aloha Gang- Em just received results from her most recent CT scan and there’s no good news. The cancer is very aggressive, and her lungs have now been severely compromised by metastases. She has exhausted the chemotherapy options available and is now going on a maintenance protocol that we hope will just slow some of the disease’s progress. She is uncomfortable with nausea and pain; her energy is low.
Kahala starts pre-school this week. JB and Em are just looking to create some routine and normalcy for him.
As always your texts and comments here in the blog are great comfort to her and the family. Many of you have signed up to help with meals or made donations; we can’t thank you enough for your support. If you have questions or concerns feel free to email me becky (at) beckyworley .com.


  1. You are the strongest and most courageous woman,wife and mother and I think of your bravery every day . I will continue to pray for a miracle and also that you are pain and nausea free and can find some peace .Much love from our family to yours .

    Sarah Wall

  2. We are keeping you and your entire family in our prayers. Praying for your healing!!! Lot's of love to you all.

    Hallie Colorado

  3. Sending so much love your way Em and to the rest of the family. Please know that you've got the combined energies of so many behind you, sending you comfort, and sending you strength.

  4. Emalia, although we have come to know you and your family only recently, you have stunned us with your strength and courage, and beauty. You set an example for all who have met you, and your smile is like a ray of sunshine. You shall be forever in our prayers, we continue to hope for a miracle, and we send loving thoughts to you, JB, to your son and your Mom and the rest of your family.....embrace all the Aloha surrounding you.

  5. Emalia, you don't know me, but I know your sissy-in-law, Jess. She was a year below me @ Seabury & we played soccer together. (JB was there too, but he was much older.) :) I recently found out a family member of mine knows you and your fam....he's a cousin on Oahu...Ian Earle....Anyway, we started talking about you and how we've been following your battle and your treatments. We are parents to young children too and can't believe how strong you've been. I guess my point is that there are so MANY people, people that you probably don't even know, who have been connected to this site through friends of friends or family. There are SO MANY people that are thinking about you and praying for you. And I've seen miracles happen before! It's something that I hope is granted to you and your family in 2014.
    We're on the mainland now, in Pasadena, CA.....but please let me know how we can help. In ANY way at all. Aloha to you, JB, & your sweet little boy, Kahalakea. xoxo Shelbi Wolterman-Smith '95

  6. Emalia, we think of all the time and are wishing you peace and comfort with your family. Your smile and courage are a real inspiration to all of us. Much love and aloha, the Beerers

  7. God tests us in many ways - Dear Em, JB Kahalakea and Family
    You are so blessed with the Love and devotion of family members and friends, friends like
    Becky Worley who has been there for you for a lifetime
    Your steadfastness is a model and inspiration as well for any of us to follow should we find ourselves in a similar circumstance
    With love from
    Fagans Four
    Duke James Helene Paul

  8. Em, JB and Kahala:
    Your strength and light really are an inspiration. A theme repeated over and over here in the comments.

    I will continue to send you more love and light than you could imagine possible. If there is anything I can do...

    Much aloha,

  9. Em , Jb & Kahala. My hawaiian family and dear Brookie . Sending " Honies" & unbounding love.
    My high altitude Alohas !!! Auntie Deeds

  10. Em,
    You are never out of my thoughts and prayers. I am wrapping my arms around you with love and sending strength to keep up the fight.

    You are my hero.

    Love, Sally

  11. Em - sending you a HUGE hug from the frigid air in Nashville. I'm hunting down Tim and Faith for some country love! You have been the embodiment of grace and strength and hope you feel some relief soon. Love you Em, all my best, Amy Hopeman

  12. Em and JB
    Thinking about you both and sending you strength, love and light. We can't wait to introduce Kalaha to our kids, Takoa and Del, someday soon. Take care of each other and stay strong. Love always, Madrelle and Brad

  13. Em,

    Adria and I have you in our thoughts. Memories of the many great times we shared in Marin bring us smiles when we are down. Your amazing attitude is an inspiration and always has been. Wish we were there to wrap our arms around you...

    Much love, Rob & Adria O'Dea

  14. Dearest Em and JB - Your Brown Kula Ohana has you and your Brown/Guard Ohana in our thoughts and prayers day and night. We, like all of your friends, acquaintances, and even strangers, are praying for a miracle. With Love, Irene

  15. As the sky fills with Aspen glow from the winter moon, the house is surrounded by epic snows, I light my evening prayer candle for lovely Emalia, sending love & light from Tu Tu Deeds

  16. Emalia--your beautiful soul and boundless smile always made my day when we worked together at Seabury. Harlan and I send our love and hope. We think of you every day. Know that your circle of love spreads very, very wide---like ripples of light emanating from you and touching everyone. Marnie and Harlan

  17. Em, I have always considered you the baseline for good and true, and simply cannot wrap my head around why you. I have thought of you every day and night and prayed for a some sort of a miracle (no joke). I know in my heart that you are surrounded by an immense and powerful ohana that has done everything in their power to get you and give you the best possible treatments and support one could ever wish for, and that if anything - this has made everyday that more precious for everyone that you have touched with your beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. I will not give up hoping for some sort of miracle, but wish you to have the strength and serenity to know that your life continues to touch so many. People have said that my attitude is great given my recent situation, and are inspired by me…BUT I am inspired by you! In all honesty, your diagnosis was another reminder / wake up call…to never take life or the little things for granted. Don't put off doing anything you want to. Live without regrets or fear. Laugh as often as possible, get in trouble if you must, just make sure you were having fun and it was worth it! Enjoy every sunrise and sunset your are privileged to witness. I have always tried to live by that motto and have been sincerely grateful for everyday since I survived getting run over at Poli Poli. Seriously. I am still amazed I made it to 43. Snuggle with your boys. I love you, and hope to see you this summer. K8

  18. Em,
    It's been forever since I've seen or talked with you, but the love and admiration I hold for you has never changed!! You have always stood out to me as one of THE most beautiful (inside and out), strongest, kindest, most sincere of people I have ever known. I literally feel BLESSED to know you and call you a friend!! I'm so sorry for how long it's been since I've seen you. I want to fly to Hawaii NOW and give you the most giant, love filled hug. You are the pinnacle of strength and beauty and I have such respect and admiration for you. My two daughters, Zoe and Lily, and I pray for you EVERY NIGHT before we go to bed. Emalia Guard is a household name in the Hayes home. ;) I love you so much Emalia and we are praying SO hard for you!!! Hang in there and God bless you and your family.
    All our love,
    Teryn (Volkman) Hayes and family