Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Update

Emalia and JB have been so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from you all. As Em says “it makes me feel so special.”
But her energy is pretty low and she is napping often. Kahala’s transition to preschool has gone incredibly well, but Em needs all her strength for her time with him when he comes home from school.
If you are thinking of dropping by, please text JB first. If you don’t hear back from him you can assume they are napping and it’s not a good time for a visit.
The love you are sending and the help with food and dog-walking mean so much right now. Thank you all.


  1. Emalia, You ARE special and we are all so, so blessed to have you in our lives, although we haven't had much time to hang out over the past several years - we love, love, love you and are sending you all the Aloha in our hearts!
    Best BIG Love, Lisa, Billy and Savanna

  2. Em and JB, so happy to hear that Kahala is doing so well with preschool!!!! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.

  3. I second that. Em you are an amazing and special woman. Sending much love to you and the entire ohana.

  4. Hope your gonna be okay .Good job Kahala. Love, LAURIE CHARILE AND LAUREN

  5. Em, you are special, very special. I was in California, looked West across the Pacific Ocean, send an enormous aloha to you& your family.
    I think of you every day, light the candle for you every night. This struggle is such a "suck" deal !! Guess that poetically states it.
    Honies to the little man. Kisses and blessing to you.
    Tu Tu Deeds

  6. Not many words. Just a lot of love. Honored to be a part of your life. I drive by the house daily so please let me know if I can help with the dog or errands in Paia, etc. Josh and DeSilva Ohana

  7. Em, I just think you are so beautiful in every way possible. Glad Kahala is doing well in preschool. I told Owen he has to look out for him and be his big brother when the classes play together in the playground. And he always has a place to play up here when visiting tutu and papa. Sending you so much love, peace and light. We love you! Bg & Family

  8. Dear Emalia, JB, Brooke, Kahala, and your wonderful team,
    We are thinking of all of you and send much love from California.
    Mary (Gregory)

  9. Hi Em! You look mahvelous!! Brucie gives me the 4-1-1 and I send positive luv and energy to you and yours. You are so friggin tough and inspirational and I am very, very, very happy that our paths crossed in this cosmic universe. Much luv and aloha to you, Margie
    p.s. I really, really, really, really, REALLY need to get back to da "Y"!!

  10. Em, Been thinking about you all the day. From my snow- bound home in Colorado, I was enlisting angels, lots of angels to surround you with comfort and love. Sending a band of angels to Brookie as well. They may have a little frost on their wings from the flight.But they were happy to be headed to Maui where it's warm. I envision your beautiful face just like when you hugged me in California. Big "honies" to my cute little buddy Kahala and your loving hubby, JB . I adore you. auntie Deeds