Thursday, October 17, 2013

NIght Before Surgery

Aloha Gang- Beck stepping in to write a quick update the night before surgery.

 Outside the Stanford Hospital
We spent parts of the day with Em's Stanford doctors: Andrew Shelton (colo-rectal surgeon) and George Poultsides (liver surgeon).  Emalia feels very confident with both of them. They will remove the primary colon tumor, her spleen (it has been affected by the chemo and needs to come out), and major portions of her liver.

The liver surgery is the big dog here: it will take about 4-6 hours. The colon surgery afterwards will take about 2 hours.

With metastatic cancer, the surgeons have told us that this is not a "cut it all out" surgery, but rather "Get all the big problem areas out, get everything you can see, and deal with future flare ups if/as they occur." She will be in the hospital for a minimum of 7 days. Then recovering and staying close to Stanford for at least 6 weeks more. We have Rochelle, Kahala's loving nanny from Maui (& Canada) here for 2 weeks to help out, John and Susan Guard arrived tonight and Zadoc is coming next week.

I will be updating the blog throughout the day tomorrow, but Em, JB, and Brooke wanted me to thank all of you who are covering shifts, helping with logistics, providing housing, who've texted and called to wish her well and all of you who hold this family in your thoughts.

Many of you have asked how you can send a card to Em, here's the address:
Stanford Hospital & Clinics,
ATTN: Emalia Brown,
300 Pasteur Drive,
Stanford, CA 94305.

After October 25th her address will be
Emalia Brown C/O the Kirkhams
88 Hawthorne Dr.
Atherton, CA 94027

Also if you want to send Emalia a digital message you can post it in the comments below.

 Only Emalia, "I'm going to be staring at my toes for 6 weeks, I want them to look fancy" 

 It's not the Bellagio, but it's pretty swanky for a hospital. Fountains and everything!



  1. Thinking about you all so very much. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  2. Will keep you in our prayers tomorrow. much love being sent your way

    matt, maggie, and Drew

  3. Emmazeballs, all of Maui is holding you and your precious family in our hearts with big hugs and plenty of prayers for a perfectly executed surgery.
    The Haynes Ohana

  4. Emalia, JB, and your Ohana, you're always in our hearts, LOVE THE U'u's

  5. Emalia you are one strong beautiful woman and you will get through this. Prayers coming your way for the big day. We love you Em!!! Get better soon. The Ashdown Ohana

  6. Lots of strength, power and love from the Ledesmas (the little blond hula dancer and her parents)

  7. Thinking of you, Emalia and sending love and prayers from Michigan. Go fancy toes! xoxo Nicole

  8. Thinking of you and sending many, many good thoughts! Love the toes!! Love, the Beerers

  9. Thinking of you Em! Big love to you. xoxo Debbie and the Edgertons

  10. Matt Kowalczyk and I send our love and hopes for the best case scenario for you Em. My mother had tumors and a portion of her colon and liver removed in a very similar surgery at Sloan Kettering about 17 years ago, and then had experimental chemo. She's doing great and is healthy to this day. We'll be thinking of you. Steph

  11. Emalia - we did not know each other in high school, but shared mutual friends thru Hawaiian Canoe Club so I heard your name often. I want to send my sincerest thoughts & prayers for you, as I know first hand the struggle this horrible disease inflicts on everyone involved. You are surrounded by an amazing support system, and have the greatest friends & family. Please know that long lost high school acquaintances from Maui are thinking of you, and sending many blessings your way! : ) Sincerely ~ Tanee (Spenser) Timmons

  12. I am thinking of you and sending you warmth and light. I am so proud of your strength. Rock on Emalia!!

    aloha and love,

    Sally Sefton

  13. Emalia.. prayers and love sent to you today and in the upcoming weeks from the deep south and the Thorvalson Ohana.

  14. Love you! We are sending prayers and happy thoughts all day long. Mahalo for the update, Becky!

  15. Minutes before Emalia was rolled into the OR from the pre-op area an hour and a half ago, I reminded her that she is being held in such a big ocean of loving support with prayers and healing energy vibes being sent to her by hundreds of you amazing friends and family. She was in good spirits and totally ready for surgery. with deep aloha, Brooke

  16. Well Kanaka ,Need too get home as soon as can :),Need to get Kahala's new Maui Built winter Collection ,small kind waves coming sunday. monday paddling in with 4 man .....LOL...Love and Miss you guys,Live Strong Be strong.

  17. Sending lots of love & light your way - ALL of you!! BIG love, the Santa Barbara branch of Eggers <3

  18. Love and hugs from us. Stay positive and let Akua do the heavy lifting. Our thoughts and prayers are with you now and always. Malama. -- Ben & Mahina

  19. Dear Em, I haven't seen you and JB in quite a while (since paddling), but I am sending you and your family every healing prayer and thought imaginable. You are my hero! With great love and aloha, Kris (and Sierra and Luke).