Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Stanford coming up!

We got home yesterday morning after a brief trip back to California, this time specifically to meet with the liver surgeon at Stanford. He is highly skilled, a warm and compassionate person, and we all (Emalia, JB, Becky, and I) felt really good about him. Emalia has decided to go forward with him and his colorectal surgeon later this month.

We will post specifics later but right now are assessing our needs and starting to plan since we may be flying to California around Oct. 12th or 13th. We have been told that Emalia will be in the hospital for 7-10 days and then have a recovery time of 4-6 weeks so we've begun networking as of today to see if anyone has a lead on housing and/or a car for approximately two months. Ideally, we'd find something with 3 bedrooms that didn't cost an arm and a leg or was pro bono and that was in the Stanford area--or not too far away. I will stay with Emalia until she can return to Maui, and JB will be commuting.

JB, Emalia, and Aquaman spent the weekend in Monterey
Emalia, Becky, Cole, Dillon, Sloan, and Jess Casey, E, K, and JB

In Menlo Park with Jess Grieco Casey, one of Emalia's BFs from Boulder days 


  1. So good to have positive people on your team- glad you found a good surgeon. Please keep us posted on that. So much aloha always...

    1. JB and Emalia- That surgeon is going to get it done, and you'll be home on Maui in no time.
      Sending buena onda from across the Pacific.
      Love, Madrelle

  2. Emalia,
    We are thinking good thoughts and God's blessings for all of you. We hold you in our hearts with love and healing thoughts. Aloha pumehana, the Pfeifers