Thursday, October 24, 2013

Discharged from Hospital

Discharged from Stanford Hospital
Aloha Gang-Beck here.

Emalia was discharged from the hospital Tuesday evening and is recuperating at the nearby guesthouse of some lovely Palo Alto/Atherton people. She is moving slowly and has some pain, but it’s getting better day-by-day. Emalia will meet with her oncologist next week to discuss future treatment plans, but everything in on hold for a few weeks while she heals.

After 2 cancelled flights dad, Zadoc made it to California and is with the family. Dorien Romanchak is also here helping Em to transition out of the hospital.  The amazing Aunty Rochelle is taking care of Kahala- she is a godsend.

How’s Em doing? What can I say; we all love her because she is so Em, and she remains just that way even in this hard place: gracious, concerned about Kahala, sometimes joking, sometimes quiet and tired, but always her loving, quirky self. To quote JB, she is such a trouper.

The outpouring of support from all of you has been truly awesome. 

Big Mahalo from JB, Brooke, & Beck 


  1. "Stoked" that Emalia is making that sign. It's the same one Uncle Terry gave me when he took off on a wave when he was teaching me how to surf . On the BIG WAVES at Queens. Nearly drown now that I recall that day, oh so many years ago. Sending undying support to my Hawaiian family ~

  2. Still as beautiful as ever! Keep up the hard work. Love the Lee's

  3. Emalia, JB, and Kahala,
    Sending prayers and much aloha to you guys!!
    Love from your old neighbors on Meha.
    April, Mike, and boys

  4. Em, JB
    Sending our love and positive thoughts! Stay strong! Sounds like the crew around you is fantastic.
    Scott, Kelly, Maile and Koa (Murray)

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  6. Emalia,
    Our thoughts & prayers are with you as you go through this. We know you will pull through. Thank you for everything you did for our daughter while at Seabury; you're still her favorite everything! Be strong and lean in your support team & God!
    In our thoughts,
    Kelly & Ariel Duell and Joe Duran

  7. Emalia, I am thinking of you and hope you are feeling stronger. We miss you and look forward to seeing you.

    With Love, Pard and Betsy Erdman

  8. Hi Emalia,
    I am happy to see that you got through the surgery, even though the results were not what we all wanted for you. Cindy and I are planning a Maui trip in February, and we look forward to seeing you and your `ohana then.
    Love Kenny and Cindy